Tall Fissure 8 Color Changing Mug

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If you thought the Fissure 8 color changing mug was great, well upgrade to the tall and fit in 4 more ounces of your favorite drink!  This tall 15oz ceramic mug is the perfect mug to wake up to or give as a gift to someone awesome.   The Fissure 8 eruption was a massive lava flow that occurred in spring of 2018.  This immense lava flow spilled out thousands of gallons of lava per minute and reshaped the bottom south-east corner of the Big Island of Hawai’i.  This eruption sadly reshaped enormous amounts of landscape that was occupied by thousands of residents.  In regards to the photo of Fissure 8 on the mug, I took the photo during the last few days that the flow existed in its immense size.  These mugs are black at room temperature but come alive with a stunning photo when you add any hot liquid.

Suggested lid color match for this mug: Orange, Slate, Navy Blue, or Black

If you order two mugs, the shipping is exactly the same amount due to the size and weight class, check out my other listings for a set of two.

All mugs ship for free within the US and typically ship within 1-2 business days.

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MUG ONLY, Add Black Lid, Add Black Lid, Add Slate Lid, Add Turquoise Lid, Add Purple Lid, Add Navy Blue Lid, Add Red Lid, Add Orange Lid

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