Pele & Fissure 8

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This image was taken of fissure 8 & the overflow of lava on June 25th, 2018.  In this photo look closely,  can you see a face – Pele? – in the plume below the center of the fissure.  In the Hawaiian culture, Pele is the goddess of the volcano.  In May 2018 when the Kilauea eruption began in Lower Puna,  much of it in Leilani Estates, it could not be predicted where and how many fissures were going to develop.  All 24 did develop along the Lower East Rift Zone.  During this eruption, over 700 homes were destroyed and the lives of many Big Island residents were changed forever.  Personally, I live across the street from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where Halema’uma’u crater was collapsing and also creating a concern.  For the duration of the Kilauea eruption we had countless earthquakes, ash in the sky, concern for our drinking water (many covered their catchment tanks and disconnected the downspouts to keep the water tank clean), and the uncertainly of what was to come.  This picture will forever be a reminder of the powerful events that took place in the summer of 2018.

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