Lava Fountain Mug

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Lava Fountain Mug

Are you looking for a coffee mug that is unique, uplifting, and features a stunning photo of a Hawaiian landscape on it? These beautiful ceramic mugs are the perfect memory, gift, or souvenir of Hawaii. The ‘fireworks’ in this image represents the results of a littoral lava fountain. It happens when cold seawater and 2000 degree lava mix within a lava tube. The resulting explosion can eject lava through the roof of the lava tube and up to 300 feet into the air. The falling lava bits and bombs often build a cone around the opening.

My color changing coffee mugs are locally designed and feature a photograph that I took in Hawaii. The mugs start off black and when they are heated up by your favorite hot beverage, a vivid photograph appears with a classic Hawaiian icon. Currently, I have seven different mugs available and each one is hand inspected/packaged to ensure the highest quality.

Suggested lid color match for this mug: Red, Slate, or Black.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in
Available Options

MUG ONLY, Add Black Lid, Add Black Lid, Add Slate Lid, Add Turquoise Lid, Add Purple Lid, Add Navy Blue Lid, Add Red Lid, Add Orange Lid, Add Green Lid, Add Yellow Lid

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