Gift Set For Two


$ 90.00 $ 75.00


This couples color changing mug gift set for two is the perfect unique gift that features TWO regular 11oz heat changing mugs, TWO travel lids, and ONE 8oz bag of whole bean Aikane Plantation gourmet coffee. Out of my six regular 11oz mugs available, you can pick any two to make the perfect pair of color changing mugs featuring photographs taken in Hawaii. These ceramic mugs will impress any coffee lover! At room temperature, the mugs are black. However, when you add your favorite hot beverage (doesn’t have to be coffee), the mug comes alive with a vibrant image of Hawaii. With this gift set, you will also get to pick two travel lids for your mugs. The great part about these lids is that they will fit most standard sized ceramic mugs and will help keep your coffee hot and able to travel without spilling. Finally, with this Hawaiian decor set of mugs, you will get a 8oz bag of medium roast whole bean Aikane Plantation coffee. If you have not heard of this coffee, it is 100% Ka’u coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. The owners of this plantation, Merle and Phil, take immense pride in creating some of the best gourmet coffee that you will ever indulge in drinking.

Please include the following information in the buyer’s comments when ordering this set:

1. Which two mugs you would like – your choices are: (see picture 2 for reference)

  • Geckos
  • Fissure 8
  • Honu
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Steamy Ocean Entry
  • Lava Falls
  • Fountaining
  • Rainbows & Lava

2. Which two lids you would like – your choices are:

Orange, Red, Navy Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Slate, and Black

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