Color-Changing Mugs

The famous Color Changing Mugs!

My color changing mugs are extremely popular and absolutely magical to watch come alive! I started having these mugs made many years ago, and I have been expanding the collection ever since. Currently, I have ten heat changing mugs that are for sale.  My mugs come in two different sizes, 11oz (regular) and 15oz (tall).  Both mugs are the same diameter, but tall just over 1 inch taller.  The first thing most people notice when it comes to the mugs is the quality and vivid colors.  Unlike a lot of color changing mugs, these ones are nearly completely black when cold.  In addition, when the mug comes alive, the colors are extremely vibrant and the image is bright. I am proud to say that the mugs are all printed in the United States, and each hand inspected by myself (or my wonderful husband) prior to being packaged and sold. Currently, I have two sets of color changing coffee mugs available (8 regular, and 5 in the Tall). In addition, I have a Lanikai Beach Sunrise mug and a Honu Mug.  Collect them all!

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