Fountaining and Waterspout Treasure Box – Limited edition!  


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The water spout is caused by the hot lava entering the colder ocean.

Less than 10 available of this box.

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Quantities may be adjusted in cart.
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Originally 20 available of each image. Once these are sold there will not be anymore treasure boxes with my images. I had the opportunity to get these lovely boxes printed with my images and are not available any longer. I knew this when I had them made.  I sign and number each box.   Aloha

Mahogany lacquered 7″x 9″ wooden box, no dividers, lined with velvet.

4 designs to choose from – Fountaining and Waterspout, 2016 Lava flow, Hula, and Perfect Reflection.




 Shipping is free!
Quantities may be adjusted in cart.

Larger sizes and canvas available on request.
Size is framing size including mat in inches.

Mats are individually custom cut by the artist
to maximize the impact of each image.

Matted images, cards, mouse pads, and prints
on canvas usually ship within
10 business days and ship USPS.

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